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​Historic Preservation Board positions

One member of the Historic Preservation Board shall be a licensed architect with demonstrable historic preservation experience and the remaining eight members shall be practicing or retired professionals from each of the following areas of disciplines:

  • ​Archaeology, anthropology, or cultural anthropology

​Damian Brink

  • ​Historic architecture, architectural history, or an allied or related profession


  • ​History or folklore

​Cynthia Strachan-Saunders

  • ​Historic preservation

Jeff Schwartz​

  • ​Planning and land use related to historic preservation

​Daniel J. Stallone, Esq.

  • ​Conservation or curation

​Derek T. Davis, Vice Chair

  • ​General or building contractor

​Sheldon McCartney, Chair

  • ​Professional engineering


  • ​Licensed Architect

​Anthony Abbate

In the event no qualified individual has expressed an interest in serving in a specific category, a Commissioner may nominate an individual with demonstrated special interest, experience, or knowledge of history, architecture, or related disciplines to ensure the Historic Preservation Board is comprised of subject matter professionals in the field of historic preservation.

If you have an interest in joining the Historic Preservation Board and you believe you fit one of the vacancies, please reach out to your local Broward County Commissioner with interest in joining, or contact the County Boards Administrator​, or Rick Ferrer, the Historic Preservation Officer for more information.

You Can Help Preserve History

Each day more of our local history is lost by the passage of time, the passing of early pioneers and the loss of historic and archaeological sites throughout Broward County. You can help.

The Broward County has been working to preserve local history since 1972 with help from people like you.

By providing donations to the Broward County Historic Preservation Trust Fund, your efforts help preserve our history for generations to come.

Consider how you can help save our heritage and create a legacy for your community by contributing your time, historical items, or through a financial gift. What you do today maintains the dignity of history for the future. Call us at 954-357-6634.

Monetary donations may be made to:

Broward County Historic Preservation Trust Fund
Planning and Development Management Division
115 South Andrews Avenue, Room 329K
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301​

Technical information about the Board