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Program Overview

​​​​University Student Practicum Program (USPP) is a planned program through Human Services Department (HSD) to provide students with meaningful learning experiences within Human Services agencies in Broward County. The USPP is designed to develop direct understanding for the students in a variety of majors including Social Work, Counseling, Psychology, Mental Health, Nursing and more as the program expands and grows. The placements expose  students to direct services for targeted populations, programs, organizational cultures, and management systems.

Students will have the opportunity to work in a professional Human Services setting to develop the following:
  1. Skills to integrate the theories and practices learned in and out of the classroom,
  2. Commitment to the Human Services profession,
  3. An understanding of the diversity of a community population and the role of diversity in Human Service practice,
  4. Knowledge of how administrative processes and policies impact delivery of services,
  5. Formation of professional relationships within the community to better understand local resources to benefit future clients, and to confirm personal interests and abilities.
  6. Increase awareness of racial equity and social justice within human services line of work.
Field practicum opportunities with Broward County HSD enable students to personally affirm the validity of content presented in the classroom while applying it to everyday realistic scenarios in the workplace. The progressive, reciprocal relationship between theory, conceptual frameworks, and practice becomes dynamic in the teaching-learning process of our highly skilled and experienced field Instructors. This guided training and mentorship enables students to integrate the knowing, feeling, and doing aspects in their placements. Practicum experiences are intended to produce a knowledgeable, skilled, self-evaluating and professionally reflective USPP participants.

Deadlines to apply and submit required documentation each semester (Incomplete applications will not be considered):

​Approximate Program Dates 
​Application Status
​August 2021 - December 2021
​June 1​8, 2021
​SPRING​January 2022 - May 2022
​October 29, 2021
​May 2022 - July 2022
Subject to change to a later date.

 2021 Student​s Testimonials

​Philemenia, Spring 2021 Graduate


“I had two choices for my internship: BARC and another agency. The other agency sounded good because it paid a stipend to the intern, and of course, who would not be happy to get a paycheck while learning. But I believe that there is a choice we must make in life that goes beyond monetary values, and when I look at the direction I want to go in my career, I chose to go to BARC, and I feel it was one of the best decisions made. My experience at BARC has been priceless. I feel so bless to have been allowed to do my intern at this agency. I had a supervisor that was the best supervisor I could have asked for; he challenged me to be the best, he showed interest in how I learned and understood the materials presented. I feel like I have grown in so many ways on this journey; I have discovered strengths and weaknesses that I was unaware of before. Gerard is an excellent clinician who is so knowledgeable and exceptionally good at his job. Dwayne and the team at RTS were patient and showed much support to the interns, which made the journey so much easier. The regular check-in from Jennifer has been so helpful and welcoming; just knowing the level of interest that was present made even the challenging moments easier…I have had an internship before, and while I am thankful for that experience because it was essential to have had it, I can honestly say it was nothing compared to this experience, and I am blessed and thankful.”​

Tiffany, Spring 2021 Graduate

​“I truly enjoyed my time with FSAD with my field supervisor Mark. During this time, I have learned a lot about myself, my skills, and the overall needs of the community. Mark was very influential in guiding me and making sure I was still learning while completing the tasks given to me each day. The staff was very friendly and open to also helping me when needed. Thank you to Broward County Human Services for this wonderful experience and I would recommend this program to future students pursuing their careers in human services. As the first BSW at this agency in about ten years, the experience was great. For those planning to move further in the field of Social Work, this is a great place to start.”​

Laura, Spring 2021 Graduate


“Working with the team at the Family Success Administration Division has been a true pleasure. Everyone from the security guards to the janitors to the management team has all made me feel welcome. This experience has provided me with some fantastic learning opportunities that will serve me well as I continue forward in the mental health field. I had the unique opportunity to work during the coronavirus pandemic and under the tutelage of two different supervisors, Tiffany Santos, LMHC and José Gomez, LMHC. This opportunity provided me with two unique perspectives and two different professional experiences. I was able to make meaningful connections with my clients, my co-workers, and other members that work to serve the Broward homeless community. I feel blessed to have been able to work in the field during the coronavirus pandemic. I gained valuable and life-changing experience while working with the Family Success Administration Division. I will forever hold dear the connections I made.”​

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