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Program Overview

​​​​​​​University Student Practicum Program (USPP) is a planned program through Human Services Department (HSD) to provide students with meaningful learning experiences within Human Services agencies in Broward County. The USPP is designed to develop direct understanding for the students in a variety of majors including Social Work, Counseling, Psychology, Mental Health, Nursing and more as the program expands and grows. The placement expose the students to direct services for targeted populations, programs, organizational cultures, and management systems.

Students will have the opportunity to work in a professional Human Services setting to develop the following:
  1. Skills to integrate the theories and practices learned in and out of the classroom,
  2. Commitment to the Human Services professions,
  3. An understanding of the diversity of a community population and the role of diversity in Human Service practice,
  4. Knowledge of how administrative processes and policies impact delivery of services,
  5. Formation of professional relationships within the community to better understand local resources to benefit future clients, and to confirm personal interests and abilities.
  6. Increase awareness of racial equity and social justice within human services line of work.
Field practicum opportunities with Broward County HSD enable students to personally affirm the validity of content presented in the classroom while applying it to everyday realistic scenarios in the workplace. The progressive, reciprocal relationship between theory, conceptual frameworks, and practice becomes dynamic in the teaching-learning process of our highly skilled and experienced field Instructors. This guided training and mentorship enables students to integrate the knowing, feeling, and doing aspects in their placements. Practicum experiences are intended to produce a knowledgeable, skilled, self-evaluating and professionally reflective USPP participants.

Deadlines to apply and submit required documentation each semester (Incomplete applications will not be considered):

​Approximate Program Dates 
​Application Status
​August 2020 - December 2020
​July 10, 2020
​SPRING​January 2021 - May 2021​CLOSED​November 20, 2020
​May 2021 - July 2021
​March 26, 2021
Subject to change to a later date.


Students Testimonials

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Emily, Spring 2020 Graduate

“I feel absolutely blessed to have been linked with Gerard. It gave me the opportunity to grow both personally and in the profession. This program gave me more than I could have ever expected. The training I received working one on one and in group settings allowed me to be very involved with a diverse population. I felt inspired and empowered while learning more and more each day…The type of mentorship the program, Gerard and the clinical team at IRT offered was way more valuable than any other job or class I have ever had…Gerard is a highly skilled and dedicated Clinician. His impact on clients and interns is profound. He is also amazing as an administrator and his knowledge base is exceptional.”

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Sean, Spring 2020 Graduate

“I enjoyed working at BARC residential and Gerard John (my supervisor) made the learning experience very impactful and enjoyable. I was challenged and I grew as a person and a professional. Thank you Broward County Human Services Department for this opportunity and experience.”

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Susanna, Spring 2020 Graduate

“Hello new intern and future MSW! Right now you are most likely wondering if this experience will be worth it, if you will have a good supervisor, and most importantly - if your internship at BARC will give you skills that will prepare you for our dynamic and ever-changing field. If your experience is anything like mine, then the answer is YES!...My internship at BARC IOP was a time of monumental professional growth. I began the internship with a lot of book knowledge but little experience, and by working with clients and receiving excellent supervision from Cindy Sterne. BARC helped shape me into a well-rounded MSW”

*Susanna was successfully hired at BARC as a Behavioral Health Clinician.

Supervisors Testimonials

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“It is a great privilege to be able to have interns at BARC Supervising interns is an integral part of a supervisor’s role. Mentoring the next generation of social workers is a commitment and very important to our profession. I have had the pleasure of working with Susanna Rowan, a most amazing MSW student intern. She demonstrated all those wonderful skills we hope to learn and hone during our internships. She treated everyone with dignity and worth and created the space within which the clients could be themselves and take the risks to share and open up to someone else. Susanna gave the gift of active listening to the clients and the staff as well.”

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Gerard John, LCSW, CCTP, MCAP

“The experience as a field instructor at Broward Addiction Recovery Center (BARC) has been exciting and provided me the opportunity to share my expertise and knowledge with budding Social Workers. I am always thrilled to see new minds grow and learn, not only about the field, about themselves and their potential. The experience also rejuvenates and maintains my focus on why I first entered the field of Social Work and the helping profession. I am also grateful to have the opportunity to work at an organization like BARC that has so many resources at the students’ disposal. I look forward to continuing to guide, mentor and coach the students from various universities and prepare them to become competent professionals.”