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Authority and Responsibility

The OIG's authority is found in the Broward County Charter at Section 10.01 .  

As the independent watchdog for over 1.9 million residents of Broward County, the OIG's authority extends over all elected and appointed officials and employees of the charter government of the county, all elected and appointed officials and employees of the 31 municipalities located in the county, and all entities and persons that provide goods or services to the county or any municipality. This responsibility encompasses county and municipal budgets totaling nearly $13 billion and covers more than 175 elected officials, 28,000 employees, and 20,000 registered vendors. 

The Charter empowers the OIG to investigate, report, and refer “misconduct" and “gross mismanagement."  “Misconduct" is defined as (1) any violation of federal, state, or local constitution, statute, code, charter, or ordinance or (2) conduct involving fraud, corruption, or abuse.  “Gross mismanagement" is defined as the material waste or significant mismanagement of public resources.  The OIG is also responsible for enforcing the Broward County Code of Ethics for Elected Officials (Broward County Code Section 1-19), which applies to the county commissioners and the municipal elected officials. 

As part of an investigation, the OIG may subpoena witnesses, administer oaths, require the production of documents and records, audit any county or municipal office or department, audit any county or municipal provider regarding its provision of goods or services, and require the cooperation of officials, employees, and providers.​

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