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Current Local Bills

​​​​A local bill is any bill which relates to a specific geographical area, e.g., county, city, or special taxing district, as opposed to a general bill, which affects the entire State of Florida. Once the Delegation votes on the bills in Broward the Sponsors for each Local Bill will be championing the Bill in the Legislative process in Tallahassee.

View more information on How a Bill becomes law here.

Local Bill Manual

The Annexation and Local Bills below have been received in to our office for the 2022 Legislative Session. Please see below.  More information/details to come.  These items will receive their 1st Reading on October 6, 2021 and their 2nd Reading, discussion, and vote on October 26, 2021.  You are welcome to speak on these items at the 2nd Reading.  Sign up to speak by completing the form under our "Public Hearing Schedule" tab.


City of Parkland, Broward County; annexing into the corporate limits of the City of Parkland an approximately 4.77 acre parcel of contiguous land located in unincorporated Broward County; providing an effective date.


Broward County: Local Bill to authorize the County Commission to levy a discretionary surtax on documents pursuant to 201.031, F.S., to create and finance affordable housing throughout Broward County.​
Broward County: Local Bill to create an independent special taxing district to provide and fund senior services throughout the county.​
​Fort Lauderdale Downtown Development Authority: Local Bill to delete the expiration date of the Authority set for 2030.​
North Springs Improvement District: Local Bill amending ch. 2005-341, Laws of Florida, as amended; revising the number of board members; providing for election of board members by plurality of votes; revising the limits on compensation for board members; requiring that the changes to limits on compensation for board members be approved by qualified electors; providing for requirements for a referendum; providing effective dates.​
Town of Southwest Ranches, Broward County; providing an exception to general law; prohibiting the sale and use of fireworks located within the Town of Southwest Ranches; providing an exception and applicability; providing an effective date​​​.