Current Annexations / Local Bills

​​​​​​​​​A local bill is any bill which relates to a specific geographical area, e.g., county, city, or special taxing district, as opposed to a general bill, which affects the entire State of Florida. Once the Delegation votes on the bills in Broward the Sponsors for each Local Bill will be championing the Bill in the Legislative process in Tallahassee.

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Local Bill Manual

The Annexation and Local Bills received to our office will be posted below once received in our office for the 2023 Legislative Session.   More information/details to come.  These items will receive their 1st Reading on December 21, 2022 and their 2nd Reading, discussion, and vote on January 13, 2023.  You are welcome to speak on these items at the 2nd Reading.  Sign up to speak by completing the form under our "Public Hearing Schedule" tab.


​Parkland Storage Annexation: An act relating to the City of Parkland, Broward County; annexing into the corporate limits of the City of Parkland and approximately 3.83 acre parcel of contiguous land located in unincorporated Broward County; provifing an effective date.​  Parkland Storage Annexation.pdf
Dania Beach Annexation: The City Commission of the City of Dania Beach, Florida, authorizing by Voluntary Petition the annexation of Land (22, 425 Square feet, located between Anglers Avenue also known as Ravenswood Road and SW 22nd Avenue, SW 42nd Street, and SW 39th Street), which real property is owned by SMS of South Forida, Inc., a Florida corporation, into the corporate limits of the City of Dania Beach, Florida, pursuant to Section 171.044, Florida Statutes, and providing a legal description of the property subject to the coluntary annexation; providing for publication of notice; providing for filings with the appropriate goernmental agencies; providing for severability; providing for conflicts; further, providing for an effective date.  Academy Annexation Packet 12.02.22.pdf


SOUTHWEST RANCHES:  An act relating to the Town of Southwest Ranches, Broward County; providing an exception to general law; prohibiting the sale and use of fireworks located within the Town of Southwest Ranches; providing an exception and applicability; providing an effective date. (Representative Robin Bartleman) LOCAL BILL SWRanches 2023.pdf
SUNSHINE WATER CONTROL DISTRICT: An act relating to the Sunshine Water Control District, Broward County; codifying, reenacting, amending, and repealing the district charter; providing legislative intent; providing for continuation of authority for revenue collection and powers to meet outstanding obligations; providing a definition; repealing chapters 63-609 and 2021-255, Laws of Florida, and chancery decree No. 62-4596-F, relating to the district; providing an exception to general law; providing an effective date. (Representative Dan Daley) Sunshine Water District Packet.pdf
SENIOR SERVICES COUNCIL OF BROWARD COUNTY: An Act relating to Broward County; Providing a short title; creating an independent special district to provide and fund senior services throughout Broward COunty; providing for a governing body to be known as the Senior Services Council of Broward County; providing for such council's membership, powers and duties, and budget procedures; authorizing the levy of ad valorem taxes not to exceed one-half mill; providing for additional district powers, duties, responsibilities, and obligations; providing for dissolution of the district; providing for a referendum and ballot question; providing effective dates. (Representative Dan Daley). Senior Services District Local Bill for 2023.pdf