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Local Authors @ Broward County Library

eBook Guidelines

Authors: We invite you to create, self-publish, and share your eBooks with our free online resource, BiblioBoard! To be considered for Broward County Library (BCL) Local Authors eBook Collection, the author and book must follow certain criteria.

Author requirements:
eBook requirements:
  • genre must be fiction - for adults or children
  • electronic (eBook) format

Creation/Submission Resources:

If BCL selects your eBook, it will:
  • be added to BCL's BiblioBoard eBook collection and be discoverable to those who access the BCL BiblioBoard website.
  • remain in the BCL's BiblioBoard eBook collection for one year from the date it was added to the collection.
  • reserves the right to reject submitted eBooks.
  • reserves the right to remove eBooks (regardless if they were added to BCL's collection).
  • will not act as a sales agent, nor should the author expect the Library to purchase eBooks to sell on their behalf.

For additional information email Broward County Library Community Engagement at