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Comprehensive Planning


Updating the Comprehensive Plan

The principles and strategies contained in the Goals, Objectives, and Policies (GOPs) guide the County’s future decisions to help ensure that we are prepared to meet challenges today and in the future. The Plan is a “living” document that is updated to respond to changing conditions in matters such as population, technology, organizational structure, the economy, and climate impacts. The process of developing and updating the Plan is a community-wide effort that requires compiling and analyzing new data, jointly developing coping strategies, and amending the GOPs. 

​Evaluation and Appraisal Review

Since 2011, local governments have more discretion in determining whether they need to update their local comprehensive plan. Previously, local governments needed to submit evaluation and appraisal reports (EARs) to the State for a sufficiency determination every 7 years. State law requirements are now limited to reviewing the Plan every 7 years to determine whether amendments are needed to reflect changes in state requirements. However, the State does not limit amendments to the Plan. For more information visit the State’s EAR webpage

Map Amendments and Rezoning

Map Amendments

Map amendments are generally required when the new use proposed for a property is not a permitted use for the future land use category for that property. Map amendments are generally initiated by the property owner.

If the property is located within the Broward Municipal Services District (BMSD) or other unincorporated areas of the County, the property owner must apply for an amendment to the BMSD Future Land Use Map Series (FLUMS). BMSD future land use designations are required to be substantially compatible with the Broward County countywide Land Use Plan Map (administered by the Planning Council). Applications for map amendments are generally required to be submitted to us and the Planning Council for processing. The two types of amendments are:

The process begins with a pre-application meeting to discuss the proposed amendment and what to expect. Email us to schedule a meeting.

All amendment requests are reviewed by County staff and other related agencies. Recommendations are published in a staff report that is reviewed by the Local Planning Agency (LPA), which makes recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners at a public meeting. All public meetings are advertised in advance in a local newspaper, such as the Sun Sentinel, as well as posted online on the County Sunshine Meetings schedule. For more information please review the Future Land Use map amendment applications or email your questions to our Planning Section. 

Pending Map Amendments

  • 20-M1 - Monarch Hill Landfill (Waste Management Inc. of Florida)
    • STATUS:  The LPA public hearing scheduled for April 17, 2020 is CANCELLED due to concerns regarding the COVID-19 and public gatherings.  This will be rescheduled.  Please check back with our website in the coming weeks for future updates.
    • Application
    • Notice
  • 21-M1 - Broadview Park
  • 22-M1 - Hillsboro Pines
    • ​Status: LPA public hearing - March 16, 2022, 1:00PM.  Government Center West, 2nd Floor Hearing Room, 1 North University Drive, Plantation.
    • Hearing Package
Once the BMSD Future Land Use Map Series (FLUMS) and the Broward County Land Use Plan Map are amended, the property needs to be rezoned to the appropriate designation for the desired use. For more information, please review the rezoning application or contact our Zoning Administrator at 954-357-6618.

​Flexibility and Compatibility Review

Increases in density and small changes in land uses may also be achieved through flexibility. Flexibility Units and/or Reserve Units may be assigned by the County to properties within the BMSD through rezoning and in some cases, through an amendment to the County’s BMSD FLUMS, but would not require any action by the Planning Council. 

To ensure compatibility with adjacent land uses (LUP Policy 2.10.1), written notification and additional processes are required if the application for flexibility units or reserve units is for properties under the following circumstances:

  1. If located contiguous to another municipality, the adjoining municipalities must be notified

  2. If located east of the Intracoastal Waterway, or adjacent to an Environmentally Sensitive Land, Broward County or regional park; Broward County must be notified. 

If a Compatibility Review is requested, you must submit an application for review based on the criteria in Appendix 3 of the Administrative Rules

Local Planning Agency

The Local Planning Agency (LPA) makes recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners (“Commission”) on proposed re-zonings, amendments to the Comprehensive Plan and Map Series, and updates to the Land Development and Zoning Codes. The meetings are open to the public and notices are published at least 10 days in advance in the Sun Sentinel and on the County’s website. Public comments are incorporated into the staff report that is forwarded to the Commission.  


From time to time, we organize workshops to discuss and receive input on planning issues of interest to the community, local governments, regional and state agencies, and other interested parties. Future workshops will be posted on this site.​​