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Broward Next

Broward CountyBroward NextComprehensive Plan Documents
Comprehensive Plan Documents


BrowardNEXT2.0 Element | Support Document

​Adopted March 28, 2019 unless otherwise noted (effective May 12, 2019)
Some elements have been revised in 2021 & 2020, as noted

​BMSD Land Use and Community Planning

Element (revised in 2020) | Support

​Capital Improvements Element

​Element (revised in 2020) | Support

​Climate Change Element

Element | Support

​Coastal Management Element

Element ​​| Support

​Conservation Element

Element | Support

​Deepwater Port Component

Component (revised in 2021) | Support

​Historic Preservation Component

Component | Support

​Housing Element

​​Element | Support

Intergovernmental Coordination Element

Element (revised in 2020) | Support

​Natural Disaster Component

Component | Support

​Public School Facilities Element

Element (revised in 2020) | Support (revised in 2020)

​Recreation and Open Space Element

​​Element | Support

​Solid Waste Element

Revision ON HOLD, continue to use previous version​
Element | Support

​Transportation Element

​​Element | Support

​Water Management Element

Element (revised in 2021) | Support

​Water Supply Facilities Work Plan

​Work Plan (new)

​Planning Document Cover Sheets

Comprehensive Plan

Support Documents

​Map Series