Vacation Petitions

The Urban Planning ​Division administers the vacation process for platted easements, travelways and portions of plats that were dedicated on a plat approved by the Broward County Board of County Commissioners, dedicated to Broward County, or service or affect a County right-of-way or other County interest require a formal application.

Please contact our offices by phone at 954-357-6666 ext 2 or email before submitting a vacation application, so that we can assist you in expediting the application process.

The following types of vacations do not require review by Broward County:

  • Vacation, in whole or in part, of plats located within a municipality which were not reviewed and approved by Broward County 

  • Abandonment, discontinuance, closure or vacation of roads, streets, alleyways and other areas used for travel, which are: 

    • Located entirely within a municipality; and 

    • Not dedicated specifically to Broward County on a plat, or are not deeded or specifically conveyed to or acquired by Broward County; and 

    • Not designated as a County road pursuant to Chapter 334, Florida Statutes, as amended; and 

    • Not maintained by Broward County or listed on or included in a Broward County road maintenance map. 

  • Abandonment, closure, discontinuance or release of easements or other interests in real property for utility, drainage, or other public purposes which: 

    • Were not dedicated on a plat approved by the Board and filed of record in Broward County; 

    • Were not conveyed or dedicated to Broward County; or 

    • Do not service or affect a County right-of-way or other County interest. 

  • Release of private easements or interests which were not dedicated on a plat or pursuant to the requirements of the Land Development Code. 

To request a determination from staff that a proposed vacation is exempt, please submit your request in writing, providing a description of the easement, the plat or instrument in reference and include a check in the amount of $80 payable to the Broward County Board of County Commissioners.

Application for Vacation

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Phone: 954-357-6666 ext 2