Committee Appointments

​​​​NOTE: Any committee appointment information obtained from sources other than the official Broward County Purchasing website may not be the official and final version.

The County’s Cone of Silence Ordinance prohibits certain communications among vendors, county staff, and selection committee members. Any violations of this ordinance by any members of the responding firm or its joint venturers may be reported to the County’s Office of Professional Standards. For Requests for Letters of Interest (RLI) and Requests for Proposals (RFP) the Cone of Silence shall be in effect for Broward County staff at the time of the Selection/Evaluation Committee appointment and for County Commissioners and Commission staff at the time of the Shortlist Meeting of the Selection Committee or the Initial Meeting of the Evaluation Committee. For all solicitations, communication with the Contact Person (designated in the solicitation) or to make a public record request are exceptions to the Cone of Silence requirements. The Cone of Silence terminates when the County Commission or other awarding authority takes action which ends the solicitation. Review the Cone of Silence document for more information.