Vendor Registration in Periscope S2G
​​​​​​​Broward County Purchasing Division issues and receives solicitations through an electronic bidding system called Periscope S2G. We encourage you to register for free with Periscope S2G to receive solicitation notifications and respond electronically to our solicitations.

How do I register with Periscope S2G?

Vendors can complete the registration process online in just a few minutes. It is free to register with Periscope S2G and you do not have to pay a fee to view any of our solicitations once registered. Although Periscope S2G offers a subscription service for a fee ("Periscope S2G Plans"), it is not required to do business with Broward County.

Select “Try for Free” from Periscope S2G's website at to register. 

Vendors can also complete the registration process by calling Periscope S2G at 1-800-990-9339. Vendors can begin viewing solicitations immediately and Periscope S2G will confirm registration within 24 hours.

Did you previously receive e-mails from us?

Broward County no longer directly sends notices to vendors on our solicitations. We transferred your information to Periscope S2G and Periscope S2G notified vendors to complete the free vendor registration process. You now must manage your profile for solicitation notifications through Periscope S2G (including e-mail addresses for since Broward County’s Vendor Self Service (VSS) system is retired.

How do I receive notifications in Periscope S2G? 

To receive notifications on Broward County solicitations, Vendors must ensure their “bid notification settings” are updated in Periscope S2G to receive “County” agency notifications. Additionally, review your firm’s NIGP classifications in Periscope S2G, to include as many as applicable to your business to ensure you receive as many notices as possible. 

If a solicitation NIGP classifications matches your vendor’s profile, you will receive an email notice when the solicitation is advertised. To continue to receive notifications on a specific solicitation after the initial advertisement email or to receive notices on any other solicitation, a vendor must:

  1. Select "Add to My Bids"
  2. Turn on notifications for the solicitation by selecting "Notify me about this Bid"
  3. Ask a question on the solicitation through the Q&A section in Periscope S2G for the solicitation
  4. Accept or View a solicitation document in Periscope S2G

How do I change e-mail preferences in Periscope S2G? 

Vendors can update their vendor profile in Periscope S2G and change the frequency and type of notifications in Periscope S2G.  

Vendors should logon and select "bid notification settings." Vendors can then select or unselect the different types of e-mails, including marketing notices from Periscope S2G (for Links PLUS bids and special offers and promotions).

Commonly Asked Questions:

You asked - we answered! Commonly Asked Questions on Periscope S2G and Broward County is available.

Need Additional Help?

Periscope S2G offers a Customer Solutions Center, which includes announcements and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).  Here are some of their top FAQs available from the Customer Solutions Center:

How do I register with Periscope S2G?
How do I search for a solicitation​?
How do I respond to a solicitation?
How do I add a new user?
Top FAQs​

Need Help with Periscope S2G? 

Periscope S2G has launched "Webinar Academy" to offer free webinars designed to help you make the most of your account. Webinars are offered every Wednesday starting at 11am Eastern. These webinars take place once a week and are repeated every month (new dates are posted monthly). Log in to your Periscope S2G account and select "Get Started at the bottom of the page to view the current webinar schedule. 

To access the Periscope S2G’s Customer Solutions Knowledge Base and training materials, create a login* to view all FAQs and announcements.

Additionally, Vendors can contact Periscope S2G by phone or e-mail at:

1-800-990-9339 Toll Free

*Note: the login to the Customer Solutions Center is a different account than your to Periscope S2G login.

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