​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Climate change affects all communities, including Broward County. From sea level rise to severe rainfall to extreme heat, climate change is increasing flooding and has the potential to affect public health, increase housing costs, and add to electric bills.  This is why Broward County has made flood and heat mitigation the focus of our 2-year resilience planning effort.

Community Engagement

An inclusive outreach strategy is being implemented to engage different voices and perspectives as we advance resilience in Broward County. Listening sessions are now being scheduled with community partners and representative stakeholder groups to gain insight on how flooding and heat already impact people, property, and work, and what mitigation strategies are most desired across our communities.​

Resilience in the Making 

Keep current on Plan progress through Resilience in the Making quarterly bulletins. Posted on-line, regular project summaries provide quick update on the technical, the financial and the practical, including modeling efforts, risk assessments, economic evaluations, adaptation strategies, and function of the project platform.  The County's Resilient Environment Department is overseeing this project, but municipal and community input is key to ensure outcomes address local conditions and interests. Residents and businesses are encouraged to get involved. Learn more about climate risk and the project progress by reading further. "Connect" with us to provide input and feedback and to stay up to date. ​​