Consumer​ alert! Beware of contractors falsely using Broward County logo or other branding to promote the PACE program. PACE is not operated or managed by Broward County Government.​

​Be PACE Smart ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​- Tips
PACE Frequently Asked Questions​​​

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​About the PACE Program

The PACE program is a financing option or loan, not a rebate or grant, offered by external parties to both homeowners and business owners in Broward County. 

Eligible PACE products reduce on-site electric usage, assist in hurricane protection, and/or produce onsite renewable electricity. ​

Projects include:

  • Rooftop solar panels 

  • Solar water heater

  • Energy efficient air conditioning unit

  • Cool roof

  • Impact windows

  • Insulation and more

  • and more. ​​

​Financing Information

Property owners voluntarily agree to program terms for financing, and repay through a non-ad valorem special assessment or lien added to their annual property tax bill. There is no government assistance or relief available for your inability to pay the increased tax bill.

Your ability to secure a PACE loan is based on the equity in your home/property. What is the home worth now, and how much do you owe on a mortgage. The difference between the two is considered your home/property equity.​

 There may be other types of financing available to property owners and Broward County does not guarantee that the PACE program is the best financing option. 

Low-income Homeowners 

May qualify for federal grant programs such as the Weatherization Assistance Program or consider the Solar Energy Loan Fund​ that offers loans based on your ability to repay, not your credit score.  Obtaining help in selecting the option that is most appropriate for your particular financial situation is always a good idea. 

For questions regarding specific qualifying improvements, financing​ terms, and list of contractors, contact the individual PACE Pro​​viders

Getting Started with PACE

  1. Review the list of PACE Broward Frequently Asked Questions and read the Be PACE Smart Tips document before applying for financing.

  2. Understand that each PACE ​Provider​ has program guidelines, and that there are differences between the providers administering the program in Broward County. It is up to the property owner to make the best financial decision for financing their project.

  3. It is highly recommended that property owners perform a comprehensive energy audit on their property before committing to qualifying improvements. To find an energy auditor, contact RESN​ET, BPI, or the Florida Building Energy Rating System program. Also, FPL offers free Onsite Home Energy Surveys for customers. 

  4. Visit the Department of Energy's Energy Saver webpage for information on efficiency measures, products and services, and design strategies for saving energy. 

  5. ​Each PACE Provider has a list of their "Approved Contractors" that go through the Provider's application process. As with any home improvement project, you may want to get multiple quotes for the project. Helpful Tips: Contractors.


​Protecting Consumers

PACE Providers are required to monitor contractor pricing to ensure that it conforms to market norms and they must make clear disclosures to the property owner regarding the costs they are responsible for. 

PACE Providers must demonstrate one of the following for residential projects

  1. Proof of sufficient insurance and/or energy-cost savings from the improvements

  2. Proof of mortgage holders’ or escrow servicer’s consent

  3. Or demonstration that the PACE assessments do not exceed certain limits on gross income or total property taxes and assessments

​​​​Understanding the Assessment

Under Florida law, property taxes stay with the property when it is sold and the same is true of an assessment. However, the seller’s lender or the buyer's lender (Mortgage Company) most often require the seller to pay off the remaining outstanding balance of the assessment before the property owner can refinance or sell the property. By law, property owners must provide notice of the assessment to the buyer prior to sale of the property. Failure to pay the PACE assessment could trigger foreclosure and property loss even if the property owner is current on other mortgage lien(s). 

Municipal Partners 

All but four of the municipalities in Broward County participate as part of the countywide PACE program, giving the property owner the choice between the PACE Providers​ listed. 

Cities that have their own programs, are: Fort Lauderdale, 954-828-6138, Margate, 954-972-0828, Miramar, 954-602-3270, and Pembroke Pines, 954-392-2100.