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West And Central Wing Update

Asbestos Removal

What you need to know

  • ASBESTOS ABATEMENT (REMOVAL) begins in May 2018 and is expected to take 6 to 10 weeks.
  • SAFETY is the number one priority. Removal will be tightly monitored and controlled.
  • Stay out of construction areas. Don’t cross red or yellow tape or orange fencing. 
  • A partition will be placed between the West/Central Wing and the East Wing to separate Courthouse staff and the public using the East Wing from the construction area. These areas do not share electrical, water or HVAC systems.
  • Containment, removal and disposal will be in strict accordance with all Federal, State, County and Local regulations. 
  • Removal will be performed by a contractor trained, certified, and licensed in asbestos abatement and disposal. A containment wall with negative pressure will be erected so that all dust is within a temporary containment “vessel.” 
  • Air is filtered through high performance HEPA filtration devices before being exhausted.
  • Asbestos is tightly bagged and stored in locked containers until removed from the site for proper disposal. 
  • 3 levels of testing will be conducted by two independent air quality inspection firms under strict Department of Environmental Protection and Environmental Protection Agency standards. 
  • Demolition​ will begin some time after asbestos removal.
  • Future updates will be provided.​