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Our Administration


To enhance the quality of life for Broward County residents through innovative and integrated health and human services programs.
Further, the Broward County Board of County Commissioners’ has demonstrated a longstanding commitment to the well-being of our community residents. The Board's Vision and Goals recognize an obligation to respond to the needs of our most vulnerable citizens.


Social Safety Net: An Accessible, Collaborative Approach to Health and Human Services.


Goal (1): Support a service delivery system that promotes self-sufficiency and well being.
Goal (2): Coordinate and maintain quality accessible health and human services in collaboration with public and private partners. ​

Collaboration County
If Broward County, Florida, had a health motto, it would be “collaboration works.” One out of 10 Floridians live in the county, one of the most expensive and diverse in the state. Leaders from government, business, and nonprofit sectors work in tandem to lower barriers to improvements in health, focusing on individuals and families who are working yet unable to afford basic needs such as affordable housing, food, child care, health care and transportation.

Broward County also demonstrates how a community can actively address and work to change the structures that perpetuate inequities by openly acknowledging practices that historically excluded some groups. They are creating public spaces for difficult conversations about racism that are changing policies and practices as well as attitudes, and their ability to work across sectors and engage a diverse community is creating a model for other communities to follow.

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