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Air quality affects our health. Be proactive and check air quality where you live.
Air Quality Program

About us

​​Broward County's Air Quality Program is a state approved local program housed under the Environmental Engineering and Permitting Division. Our mission is to safeguard human health and the natural environment, in turn enhancing the quality of life in Broward County, by maintaining, protecting, and improving our air quality. 

We accomplish this through:

  • Managing Air Emissions  (Air Licensing and Permitting)
  • Monitoring Ambient Air Quality (Air Monitoring) 
  • Environmental Education (Air Outreach)

Asbestos Program N​otice​​

All Statement of Responsibilities Regarding Asbestos (SRRA) are processed online only via ​​If you have any questions, please call 954-519-0340 or send email to​​.