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Environmental Engineering and Permitting

Broward CountyEnvironmental Engineering and Permitting
News & Highlights

Broward County Flood Maps are Changing

Stop by a Public Flood Risk Open House to speak to a specialist to learn about how this may affect your property. Everyone is encouraged to attend a Flood Risk Open House to see how their flood risk may have changed, especially if your property is currently mapped within an SFHA, newly mapped into an SFHA, and/or if you have flood insurance.

2021 Clean Air Calendar Poster Contest

We're currently accepting submissions for the 2021 Clean Air Calendar Poster Contest. The contest theme is Citizen Science- Out of This World Innovation. We're asking private, public, or homeschooled students in Broward County to design their own technology that either cleans or monitors the environment. The deadline to submit is January 31, 2020. We look forward to seeing your artwork!

Electronic Submittal of Environmental Complaints

Reporting environmental complaints in Broward County can now be done conveniently from your tablet, computer, and cell phone.

Environmental complaints that can be reported online include:

  • Tree Abuse or Tree Removal
  • Air Quality Concerns
  • Smoking Vehicles
  • Discharging Wastewater to Ground or Storm Drains
  • Discharging Pollutants Into storm drains
  • Impacts to Mangroves, Wetlands, Reefs, and other Natural Resources