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Rider's Choice Program

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​What is it?

The Paratransit Rider's Choice program is a program for existing paratransit customers. The program provides a transportation choice for customers and enhances the Paratransit service. Some customers may prefer the convenience of same day taxi trip service to the pre-scheduled TOPS paratransit service. Unlike TOPS, the Rider's Choice trip can be a same day, direct to your destination.

View the Rider's Choice Program Guide (PDF).

Eligibility Requirements

Must be a currently eligible TOPS customer with​ at least 6 months of TOPS eligibility AND taken at least 50 trips on TOPS.

View the Rider's Choice Program Enrollment Form (PDF)​.

How Does the Program Work?

Customers are issued a Rider's Choice payment card which pays up to $30 of the trip’s actual metered fare when traveling with an authorized taxi company within Broward County. The card is valid for use only in Broward County. 

Customers must have their Rider's Choice payment card when traveling. If not, customers will be responsible for the entire cost of their taxi trip.​

Participating in the program does not affect one's TOPS eligibility or use.

Authorized Transportation Companies

Customers have the choice of the following Rider's Choice authorized transportation  companies in Broward County that are authorized to accept the Rider's Choice payment card. Customers must have their Rider's Choice payment card with them when traveling for payment. If not, customers will be responsible for the entire cost of their trip.

Transportation Companies authorized to accept the Rider’s Choice Program payment card as of January 13, 2023:

Transportation Company

Telephone Number

Wheelchair Accessible Taxicabs

Amazing Taxi

954-909-4645 or​​ 


Aunaka Express Taxi



Excelsior Taxi



Hypp’s Cab



Intercity Taxi



Kazwel Taxi



Prestige Cab



Real Alliance



United Cab of Broward



Yellow Cab


YES: 954-565-2800

For all taxi service related complaints, please contact Broward County’s Environmental and Consumer Protection Division. Environmental and Consumer Protection accepts written complaints from consumers regarding alleged unfair and deceptive trade practices of businesses, including contractors you have hired, which are primarily located in Broward County. If you believe you have been a victim of an unfair and/or deceptive trade practice, call 954-357-5350 or send us an e-mail. You may also submit a Consumer Complaint.

Download list of Transportation Companies (PDF).

​​​Protect Your Card from Damage

To limit the possibility of the card getting damaged, riders should keep their Rider's Choice cards away from all magnets and cell phones.Please report a damaged card to Paratransit 954-357-8405 or email

Choose between taking a trip on TOPS by making a reservation by 5PM the day before OR by contacting a Rider's Choice taxi the same day. Do not make a reservation on TOPS and a taxi for the same trip.


If you have a TOPS trip subscription and want to take a taxi instead, you must first cancel your TOPS trip subscription by calling the Call Center at 1-866-682-2258.

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For all otherprogram questions, please contact the Rider's ChoiceProgram at 954-357-8405 or email ​

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