We are responsible for ensuring that federal and local regulations, policies and procedures about small businesses are followed by Broward County agencies and contractors doing business with Broward County. Careful and consistent contract monitoring provides the best opportunity to achieve the goals set by the County to stimulate the development of local businesses. We provide services to both external (prime contractors and subcontractors) and internal (County agencies) clients from project inception to closeout, producing up-to-date information on project status and program attainment in support of its overall mission.

Compliance Services 

  • Project Review
  • Contract Monitoring
  • Complaint Resolution
  • Prompt Payment Resolution
  • Mediation

Compliance Forms 

​Small Business Enterprise (SBE) ​​Sheltered Market Review Form  (PDF)
County Business Enterprise (CBE) Request for Goal Assignment 
(PDF) ​​

Forms that need to be completed by contractors for contracts
with County Business Enterprise (CBE) goals
CBE Letter of Intent​ (PDF)
CBE Monthly Utilization Report (PDF)
CBE Final Monthly Utilization Report (PDF)
CBE Application for Evaluation of Good Faith Efforts (PDF)
CBE ​Bidder's Assurance (PDF)​
Forms that need to be completed by contractors for contracts with Disadvantaged Business
Enterprise (DBE) & Airport Concessions Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (ACDBE) goals
DBE/ACDBE Letter of Intent (PDF)
DBE/ACDBE Application for Evaluation of Good Faith Effort (PDF)
DBE Monthly Utilization Report (PDF)
DBE Final Monthly Utilization Report (PDF)
ACDBE Concession Activity Report (PDF)
Forms that need to be completed by contractors for USDOT contracts with Small Business goals
Small Business Entity Letter of Intent (for Small Businesses other than DBE certified firms) (PDF)

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