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​We are busy creating new maps which will contain almost 700 projects in process or planned over the next five years. This information will also be available on an upcoming Public Project Dashboard which is set to launch early 2021!

Projects on the Dashboard include an array of transportation and mobility initiatives including, roadway, transit, safety, resiliency, multi-modal, bicycle, pedestrian, bridge, and many more improvements which will promote congestion management and connectivity. The Penny for Transportation is a local source of economic stimulus during these difficult times; visit the Economic and Small Business Development page for more information about the expected economic benefits of the transportation surtax.

On August 14th, the Transportation Oversight Board​ deemed the very first Five-Year Plan eligible and recommended funding for the first year of the Plan (fiscal year (FY) 2021) be approved by the County Commission. The Five-Year Plan includes almost $159M in funding for municipal capital projects, numerous County mobility and transit planning studies, as well as design and construction projects. The Broward County Commission approved the FY 2021 Surtax Capital Budget on September 24, 2020 as part of the County’s annual budget. The Transportation Surtax Five-Year Plan is included in the Capital Budget. For more information visit

The Five-Year Plan was established to offer the community certainty about what projects they can expect. It also acts as the mechanism by which municipalities can advance a project with a non-surtax funding source and be eligible to seek reimbursement at a later time in the plan when surtax funds become available.

A public education and engagement effort around the plan will begin in early 2021, once the Public Project Dashboard is finalized. Learn about projects near you by keeping up-to-date here on our website. We’re here for YOU give us a call at 954-357-9501 or send us an email at: ​​