Broward CountyPurchasingSolicitation Preparation Guidelines
Solicitation Preparation Guidelines

NOTE: The Broward County Purchasing Division has contracted with Periscope S2G to provide electronic bidding services for our vendors. It is important to register with Periscope S2G now to ensure you continue to receive Broward County solicitations’ notifications. The Purchasing Division will no longer send separate e-mail notices for its solicitations as of June 25, 2014. Click here to find out additional information.

The following links contain additional information and instructions to assist vendors in the preparation and submittal of quotes, bids and proposals. While it is important to review and understand this information, it is generic to all solicitations. Refer to the solicitation document for all terms and conditions applicable to that solicitation.​


For more information visit Broward County's Small Business Development. The standard requirements for Broward County Procurement Contracts are provided in the Library of Standard Agreement Terms & Conditions​. All agreements are subject to final approval by the county attorney's office.