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Need Help-FAQ's


Broward Municipal Services District ("Unincorporated") Customer Service 954-765-4999

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do with items that are not accepted for curbside collection?
Many of the items that are unacceptable for curbside collection are acceptable at our Trash Transfer Stations and Household Hazardous Waste facilities at no additional cost. For items that are not accepted at these facilities, there are alternate disposal sites available for disposal for a fee.

Why did I get a swale violation for waste I didn't put on my swale?
The property owner is responsible for maintaining the swale, including clearing and removing illegally dumped waste. Please file a report with the Broward Sheriff's Office (BSO), including any information about the vehicle or person(s) involved in dumping. Unless the illegal dumping is witnessed and reported, there is no way to determine responsibility and the responsibility becomes that of the property owner.

Who picks up waste that is illegally dumped in my yard?
The property owner is responsible for clearing and removing waste that is illegally dumped on his or her property. Please file a report with the Broward Sheriff's Office. The report should include any information you have about the vehicle(s) or people involved.

Who do I contact if garbage, bulk waste or recycling is not picked up?
If you put accepted materials out for pickup on your scheduled garbage, bulk waste or recycling collection day and the materials are not collected, you can email customer service at recycle& or call 954-765-4999. A field supervisor will investigate the situation and work with the service provider to resolve the problem.

I use a landscape company to maintain my yard. Do they have to follow collection guidelines?
Yes, if the landscape company uses your curbside solid waste collection services for the disposal of yard waste from your yard, they must follow collection guidelines. Please make sure they understand the collection guidelines as you will be responsible for any items they place curbside that do not comply with the guidelines.


In the Broward Municipal Services District (formerly "Unincorporated Broward"), a non-ad-valorem special assessment is added to the annual tax bill for single-family homes and multifamily properties with less than 10 units. This assessment covers the cost of your solid waste and recycling collection services, residential drop-off center usage, and community cleanup programs.

If you live in a newly constructed home, your new home may not yet be on the tax roll for the solid waste and recycling special assessment, so Broward County authorizes your hauler to bill you directly for collection services. For the first year, you will be billed a pro-rated amount from the date the Certificate of Occupancy was issued for your home to December 31. Broward County will often authorize your hauler to bill you directly for the following year, from January 1 to December 31. This is because it can take more than a year for the assessment to be added to your tax bill. Once it is, you will no longer be billed by your hauler. The assessment is paid in advance of services. It might appear that you are paying for your solid waste and recycling services twice, but you are not. If you have questions, please call 954-765-4999 or e-mail recycle&

Reporting Issues

When you call our customer service line at 954-765-4999 to report a service issue, we will take your information and forward it to a field supervisor. The field supervisor will investigate and, if you are found to be in compliance with collection guidelines, the supervisor will begin the Notice of Violation process.

Field supervisors also monitor garbage, bulk waste and recycling collection services; provide program information to residents, and investigate early and late set-outs of garbage, recycling and bulk waste.

Neighborhood Recycling Aides

Neighborhood Recycling Aides (NRAs) serve as neighborhood contacts who personally address your concerns. They work primarily with residents of single-family homes, and generally work evenings and weekends when residents are more likely to be at home. Through your NRA, you can learn about the proper preparation of recyclables, garbage and bulk waste before you set it out. NRAs help to ensure that residents have the information they need through door-to-door contact, civic association meetings, customer service surveys, and by taking part in special events, litter patrols and community cleanups.

Call 954-765-4999 for more information.

Residential Solid Waste and Recycling Collection Programs

  • Swale Violation Program
  • Multifamily Recycling Program
  • Community Cleanup Programs - 954-765-4999