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About Us

The Environmental Protection and Growth Management Department was created in 2008 when Broward County merged its urban redevelopment and planning functions with those of environmental protection, emergency management and consumer protection. The consolidation created a combined pool of talent and resources that will enable Broward County to address the issues and opportunities of our community with efficiency, creativity and innovation.

Our Mission 

The Environmental Protection and Growth Management Department's mission is to safeguard lives, natural resources and property of residents and visitors by providing for natural resource planning, management and protection, planning for appropriate land use/housing patterns and establishing an incident command system and emergency operations plans, enforcing environmental, development and construction regulations and providing for consumer protection.

Our Divisions

These divisions interface regularly with other local, state and/or federal jurisdictions to ensure timely implementation of the County's strategic plan for public protection, construction of public infrastructure, natural habitat enhancement and protection, effective legislation and support of the Board of County Commission vision and goals.

Business Plan

Our business plan addresses the issues and challenges of our current environment, including: changes in demographics and the economy, the potential for natural disasters, increasing use of the internet for retail purchases of goods and services, concerns about land availability, lack of affordable housing and an increase in housing prices, continued violation of environmental laws, and limited financial resources.​