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Meet the Inspector General

John W. Scott - Broward County Inspector GeneralJohn W. Scott was selected to be Broward County’s first-ever Inspector General in April 2011. Mr. Scott oversees the Broward Office of the Inspector General’s investigation of misconduct, including fraud, corruption, abuse and ethics violations, and gross mismanagement.

Before becoming the Inspector General, Mr. Scott spent most of his career with the United States Department of Justice, where he investigated and prosecuted public corruption and fraud cases across the nation. Those cases included allegations of misconduct by federal, state and local officials including members of Congress, governors, judges, city council members, state legislators, members of the military, and law enforcement officials, as well as vendors, lobbyists and representatives of the banking, securities and finance industries. He received his undergraduate and law degrees from Georgetown University.

 Organization and Structure

In August 2010 the Broward County Commission unanimously voted to place a Charter Amendment question on the November 2010 ballot asking the voters of Broward County if a Charter Office of the Inspector General should be created. The voters responded and Section 12.01 of the Charter of Broward County established the Broward Office of the Inspector General (OIG). The Charter authorizes the OIG to investigate misconduct, including fraud, corruption, abuse and ethics violations, and gross mismanagement. In April 2011, John W. Scott was selected by the independent Selection-Oversight Committee to be the first ever Broward Inspector General. The Committee entrusted the Inspector General with the responsibility for establishing the foundation for promoting integrity, accountability, and transparency in government on behalf of the residents of Broward County.  In December 2014, the Committee unanimously voted to renew Mr. Scott's contract for a second four-year term.

In order to accomplish our mission, the OIG has successfully recruited a diverse team of highly qualified individuals who bring to the organization a variety of specialties and skill sets. These professionals include attorneys, former military, federal, state and local law enforcement officers, state regulatory investigators, auditors, procurement specialists, and administrative specialists. Our team holds certifications as fraud examiners, inspector general investigators and criminal justice information system operators.

The OIG is led by the Inspector General and supported by a senior management team which includes the Deputy Inspector General, Assistant Inspector General and General Counsel. The OIG team also includes an Ethics Counsel, Audit Manager, Special Agents, Contract Oversight Specialists, Office Manager and Investigative Support Specialist that support the Investigative, Contract Oversight and Ethics programs.

Broward County Inspector General - John W. Scott
Broward Office of the Inspector General
One North University Drive, Suite 111
Plantation, Florida 33324