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Monthly Summary

Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL) is one of the fastest-growing airports in the U.S. In 2019 passenger traffic, FLL ranked 18th in the U.S.

The Monthly Statistical Summary contains the following five reports:

  • Passengers and Cargo - Summary of arriving/departing passengers and cargo (freight and mail) by month and for the past five years.
  • Aircraft Movements – Summary of flight operations by air transport/taxi and general aviation/military by month, for the previous five years.
  • Airlines Currently Serving - Latest month’s figures by an airline of passengers, mail, and cargo.
  • Airline Traffic Comparison - Compares the major airlines by passengers and market share.
  • Enplanement Breakout - Latest month’s figures of enplaned passengers by terminals, concourses, and airlines.

All data is presented in the calendar year and year-to-date format.

Monthly FLL Stats:

May 2020 (PDF)
April 2020 (PDF)
March 2020 (PDF)
February 2020 (PDF)
January 2020 (PDF)
December 2019 (PDF)

Monthly Traffic Recap

The Monthly Traffic Recap is a summary of the month’s passenger traffic, aircraft operations, market share by airlines, short-term traffic outlook, and any significant event that impacts passenger traffic. 






 December (PDF)                                                              
December (PDF)
December/Year-End (PDF) December/Year-End (PDF)
​November (PDF)
November (PDF) November (PDF)
October (PDF)
October (PDF) October (PDF) October (PDF)
​September (PDF)
September (PDF) September (PDF)
September (PDF)   
August (PDF)
August (PDF)
August (PDF) August (PDF)
​July (PDF)
July (PDF) July (PDF) July (PDF)
​June (PDF)
June (PDF) June (PDF) June (PDF)
​May (N/A)
​May (PDF)
May (PDF) May (PDF) May (PDF)
​April (N/A)
April (PDF)
April (PDF) April (PDF) April (PDF)
​March (N/A) 
​March (PDF)
March (PDF) March (PDF) March (PDF)
​February (N/A)
​February (PDF)
February (PDF) ​​​February (PDF) February (PDF)
January (PDF)
January (PDF)
January (PDF)
January (PDF) January (PDF)





Read previous Traffic Recaps from 2010 and 2011.

Historic Airport Traffic

The Historical Airport Traffic is a summary of the total domestic and international passengers at FLL from 1957 through 2018.

FLL Historical Airport Traffic (PDF)