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​​Monthly Summary

Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL) is one of the fastest-recovering airports in the U.S. Despite the Coronavirus's impact on the aviation industry in 2020, FLL ranked 8th in total passenger traffic recovery and 3rd in international traffic recovery amongst U.S. airports.​

The Monthly Statistical Summary contains the following five reports:

  • Passengers and Cargo - Summary of arriving/departing passengers and cargo (freight and mail) by month and for the past five years.
  • Aircraft Movements – Summary of flight operations by air transport/taxi and general aviation/military by month, for the previous five years.
  • Airlines Currently Serving - Latest month’s figures by an airline of passengers, mail, and cargo.
  • Airline Traffic Comparison - Compares the major airlines by passengers and market share.
  • Enplanement Breakout - Latest month’s figures of enplaned passengers by terminals, concourses, and airlines.

All data is presented in the calendar year and year-to-date format.

Monthly FLL Stats

March 2021 (PDF)​​
February 2021 (PDF)​
January 2021 (PDF)​ ​

December 2020 (PDF)

Monthly Traffic Recap

The Monthly Traffic Recap is a summary of the month’s passenger traffic, aircraft operations, market share by airlines, short-term traffic outlook, and any significant event that impacts passenger traffic. 






 December (PDF)                                                              
December (PDF)
December/Year-End (PDF) December/Year-End (PDF)
​November (PDF)
November (PDF) November (PDF)
​October (N/A)
October (PDF)
October (PDF) October (PDF) October (PDF)
​September (N/A)
​September (PDF)
September (PDF) September (PDF)
September (PDF)  
​August (N/A)
August (PDF)
August (PDF)
August (PDF) August (PDF)
​July (N/A)
​July (PDF)
July (PDF) July (PDF) July (PDF)
​June (N/A)
​June (PDF)
June (PDF) June (PDF) June (PDF)
​May (N/A)
​May (PDF)
May (PDF) May (PDF) May (PDF)
​April (N/A)
April (PDF)
April (PDF) April (PDF) April (PDF)
​March (N/A) 
​March (PDF)
March (PDF) March (PDF) March (PDF)
​February (N/A)
​February (PDF)
February (PDF) ​​​February (PDF) February (PDF)
January (PDF)
January (PDF)
January (PDF)
January (PDF) January (PDF)





Read previous Traffic Recaps from 2010 and 2011.

Historical Airport Traffic

The Historical Airport Traffic is a summary of the total domestic and international passengers at FLL from 1957 through 2021.

FLL Historical Airport Traffic (PDF)​