Environmental Atlas

​​​​​​Historical Maps of Environmental Interest

Environmental AtlasIn 1992, Broward County joined thousands of organizations by implementing a geographical information system (GIS) into its operations. What is GIS? Quite simply, GIS is a way to geographically display and analyze various types of information on maps. GIS users generally need to know about many aspects of the land area in question. For example, a forester might be concerned with soil types, slope, age of forests, and projected yields. Prior to building new homes, a developer would want to know about zoning, accessibility of schools and shopping, and availability of water, sewage, electricity, and previous land uses.

Contained in this environmental atlas are those maps most frequently requested by the public. The maps are for informational purposes only.

Much of the data listed below is historical and has not been recently updated. For the most current GIS Maps, please visit the Broward County GIS Web Site

For additional GIS maps of Broward County, please visit the Broward County GIS Web Site.​