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Welcome to Northern County

Northern County consists of two neighborhoods, Hillsboro Ranches and Hillsboro Pines. Northern County is approximately 176 acres and has 170 housing units.

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Northern County

​​​​Neighborhood Parks’ Programs

Broward Municipal Services District parks provide direct services to residents and the community-at-large. By providing on-site programs designed to strengthen families, the parks are a resourceful asset in the community. Programs like the Hot Supper Program, Little Libraries and the Teen Club provide pathways to solutions. The Hot Supper Program combats hunger among neighborhood children and guarantees that every child participating in BMSD Neighborhood Parks’ programs will have access to a hot meal before leaving the park. Extensive collaborations with community partners produce programs and community events that heighten awareness about abuse and social responsibility and where to get help. Professional guidance and counseling workshops such as the Parent Camps facilitate greater understanding of how to improve academic performance and achieve good health.​

Parks in and around the neighborhood

Helene Klein Pineland Preserve
Hillsboro Pineland Natural Area
Saw Palmetto Natural Area
West Creek Pineland Natural Area

Neighborh​ood Details ​

The Hillsboro Ranches (service area 1F) neighborhood is an enclave of parcels located in the north central portion of the County. It is bordered on the north by North Broward Preparatory School, on the east by NW 39th Avenue, on the south by NW 71st Street and on the west by Lyons Road. The neighborhood lies within a half mile of the Palm Beach County boundary and is surrounded by the City of Coconut Creek. The Neighborhood of Hillsboro Pines lies 1,000 feet to the west. The Hillsboro Ranches Neighborhood consists of 44 acres (0.069 square miles).

Hillsboro Ranches

Neighborhood specifics:  
  • 72 residents
  • 23 housing units
  • Demographics: 84% White, 10% Hispanic, 5% Black, 1% Other
  • 100% single family housing



​The Hillsboro Pines (service area 1A) neighborhood is located in the north central portion of the County. It is bordered on the north by the Hillsboro Canal, the boundary with Palm Beach County. It is bordered on the east by NW 48th Avenue and extends near Lyons Road, on the south by the Hillsboro Pineland Natural Area and NW 72nd Place and on the west by State Road 7/US-441 and NW 51st Terrace. The Neighborhood of Hillsboro Ranches lies 1,000 feet to the east. Hillsboro Pines lies within the City of Coconut Creek. The Hillsboro Pines Neighborhood consists of 138 acres (0.22 square miles).

Hillboro Pines

Neighborhood specifics:

  • ​406 residents
  • 147 housing units
  • Demographic​: 84% White, 10% Hispanic, 5% Black, 1% Other
  • 100% single family housing ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

​Garbage, Recycling, Bulk Waste Schedule

Garbage: Tuesday and Friday

Recycling: Friday
Bulk Waste: Tuesday 

Bulk waste items may be placed outside for pick-up NO MORE than 24 hours prior to collection day. For additional bulk waste collection guidelines visit Waste and Recycling Bulk Waste.

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