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Kids around a fire truck

Enhancing a Safe Community

Community safety is a partnership between residents, law enforcement, fire rescue and local government. Priorities include code enforcement and drug education activities, as well as public safety infrastructure improvements.

Public Safety Links
Know Your Numbers!
  • ​​EMERGENCY:  To Save-a-Life, Stop a Crime or Report a Fire: 911
  • Non–Emergency: 954-764-HELP (4357)
  • Report crime tip: 954-493-TIPS (8477)
  • General Information: 954-765-4321
  • Report Abuse: 1-800-96-ABUSE (22873)

The Broward Sheriff’s Office (BSO) Central Broward District Office serves the neighborhoods of Broadview Park, Broward Estates, Boulevard Gardens, Franklin Park, Washington Park, Roosevelt Gardens, Madison Apartments and Myers Estates. Contact Captain Warnell Phillips or call the Central Broward District Office non-emergency number at 954-321-4800. See crime in your area.

BSO’s Department of Fire Rescue provides Central Broward with fire protection, emergency medical services and educational programs. Residential neighborhoods in this region include Broadview Park, Boulevard Gardens, Franklin Park, Washington Park and Roosevelt Gardens. Central Broward is serviced by Station 14, 791 NW 31st Avenue in Fort Lauderdale (non-emergency: 954-791-1058) and Station 23, 2200 SW 46th Avenue, Fort Lauderdale (non-emergency: 954-791-1055). 

Emergency Preparedness
Before an emergency threatens, all residents should have a plan in place to help ensure their safety, including loved ones who have disabilities and/or health issues that put them at risk in an emergency. Start planning now! If you or a loved one has a disability or special medical needs:

  • Register now with the Vulnerable Population Registry, or call 311​.
  • Make advance arrangements with your service providers.
  • Discuss shelter options​ with your family and health care providers.
  • Have at least a 30-day supply of medications
  • Label all medical support equipment 
  • Create a personal Information card with your health information including doctors, insurance policies and medications.
  • Service animals must have a collar with identification and proof of vaccinations.
Check out the Public Safety Links on the Broward County-At Risk site and learn more about the many resources to assist you.

Know When to Evacuate 

Making the decision whether or not to evacuate in an emergency, such as a hurricane, can be a life or death decision. All residents should have a plan in place, especially if you have to work during an emergency situation and your loved ones have to evacuate. Start planning now! Remember:

  1. Evacuate if you live in an evacuation zone, low lying area or mobile home.
  2. Evacuate if you do not feel safe at home or do not want to stay at home alone.
  3. Evacuate if you have a medical condition that requires one-on-one care and /or hospitalization.
When considering shelter options, staying with family or friends outside the evacuation zone should be your first option. Learn more about shelter options​.

Watch this video to learn why your location is the most important piece of information the 911 call taker needs to send you help.