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Economic and Small Business Development

Broward CountyEconomic and Small Business Development
Specific strategic program areas for Economic and Small Business Development include: (1) Business Attraction, Expansion and Retention; (2) International Business Development; (3) Entrepreneurial Training and Development; (4) Capital Access and Special Zones; (5) Strengthening support for small business participation in County procurement; and (6) Providing technical assistance and resources to support small businesses. Integrated strategic activities within these areas are designed to attract and retain targeted industry businesses, stimulate high skill/high wage job creation, attract capital investment, and increase the capacity of small businesses to grow and exploit new market opportunities through economic and small business development relative to the county’s procurement program.​​ 
OESBD: Supporting Your Growth
This video highlights Broward County from an economic development viewpoint and the programs and services of the Broward County Office of Economic and Small Business Development (OESBD).  As a small business-focused agency of local County government, OESBD promotes equal access to procurement opportunities for all enterprises and helps position businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs to take advantage of local opportunities, and grow their businesses beyond Broward.