Programs and Resources

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Water Policy 

Broward County Resilience coordinates water planning and policy recommendations via Water Advisory Board​  (WAB) and Technical Advisory Committee ​(TAC.)  Also view our Integrated Water Resources Plan ​(IWRP).​​  

​Water Planning Standards 

Broward County water planning standards​ assess current and future conditions. View maps, tools, priority planning areas and seawall ordinance,​​​ 

Conservation & Environment

Learn more about Broward County’s water conservation​ and environmental stewardship initiatives that have reduced per capita demand by 25% in the last 15 years.


Broward County's Natural Resources Division ​coordinates conservation strategies focused on urban and natural systems and protects, restores, and enhances the County's natural resources. ​


Broward County WWS provides safe drinking water for 59,000 customers, regional wastewater services for over 600,000 residents, and storm water and canal services that support aquifer recharge and flood management throughout Broward County.

​WWS operates within the Public Works Department, and is responsible for planning, construction, operation, maintenance, customer service, water management, and financial management of the Utility.

WWS Water Management