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Inventory Report

Inventory Report and Interactive Map of Contaminated Locations in Broward County, Florida

Inventory Report of Contaminated Locations

The Inventory Report of Contaminated Locations has been prepared by the Broward County Environmental Protection and Growth Management Department (Department) to update the established inventory of known contaminated locations within Broward County, Florida. This report includes sites listed by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA), the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP), and sites licensed for contamination assessment and cleanup by the Environmental Engineering and Permitting Division (Division) of the Department. This report is not necessarily all-inclusive as there may be some sites currently in the early stages of investigation that may be added to this inventory in the future.  Conversely, facilities listed in this inventory may have been deemed to be clean based on additional investigations or they may have been satisfactorily remediated. Such facilities will be removed from this report when appropriate. Records on such facilities will be retained by the Department and are available for public review.

Locations listed in the Environmental Assessment and Remediation (EAR) licensing program include those contaminated with petroleum and non-petroleum constituents. These sites are licensed by the Division prior to the initiation of assessment activities.  Remediation of these facilities is typically performed by a responsible party (i.e., business owner, property owner, etc.) with oversight by the Division. There are over 250 facilities in this program. In addition there are approximately 60 facilities for which FDEP is the lead agency.

The FDEP Petroleum Cleanup Program utilizes State funds for the cleanup of qualified petroleum contaminated sites. This program was developed by FDEP to encourage facilities that stored petroleum products to report any releases of petroleum contaminants to the soil, groundwater or surface water. There are approximately 600 facilities in this program, of which approximately 80 are being cleaned up under the pre-approval program.

The FDEP Dry-Cleaning Solvent Cleanup Program includes dry-cleaning or wholesale supply facilities eligible for state cleanup funds. There are approximately 150 facilities in this program.

Superfund: Several sites in Broward County are on the USEPA's National Priorities List (NPL), which identifies Superfund sites.  These "Superfund" sites are eligible for federally-funded cleanup, but whenever possible the EPA attempts to make the responsible parties or generators of the wastes pay to remediate contamination that has resulted from improper disposal methods. There are currently 6 facilities in this program.

The Inventory Report and Interactive Map are automatically updated daily. Hard copies of this report are no longer printed.  The inventory is provided in electronic format as an Excel file that can be downloaded by clicking on Inventory Report of Contaminated Locations (.xls, approx. 250 KB). You can also search for contaminated sites in the database directly by clicking on Contaminated Site Search.

Interactive Map of Contaminated Sites

The Department has developed an Interactive Map of Contaminated Sites that is linked to the information in the Inventory Report. The Interactive Map is a Geographic Information System (GIS) based map that includes several features that allow users to locate contaminated sites in an area and also search for the locations of specific contaminated sites by address or name. Note that in order to use these features, you may need to disable the pop-up blocker of your internet browser. These features are explained in more detail in the March/April 2009 Edition of the Broward Environmental Remediation Times newsletter.  

Contaminated sites are represented by the blue dots on the map. As you zoom in on the map, more information is shown, including street names and contaminated site names. To obtain more information about a contaminated site, click on the Identify icon (the black circle with an "i" inside) on the left side of the webpage and then click on the blue dot representing the site. You must click directly on the center of the blue dot – not the site name highlighted in yellow. A pop-up window will appear showing limited regulatory information about the site. You may click on the Site Number for additional information.

There are several other useful features that can be activated by clicking on the icons on the left side of the webpage. Clicking on the Layers icon accesses the layers list, which includes an aerial photography layer. Clicking on the Find icon opens a pop-up window that allows you to search for contaminated sites by words or numbers in the site name, address, site number, or Facility ID Number. The Locate Address tool can be used in a similar way to search for contaminated sites by address; however, this feature requires the input of the site address and zip code in the exact format it is listed in the database, so it is often easier to use the Find feature instead of the Locate Address feature to search for sites.

The Measure icon can be used to measure distances on the map. This is useful for determining if contaminated sites are located within a certain radius of a property. For example, Broward County requires a dewatering plan to be submitted if dewatering operations are conducted within 0.25 miles of a contaminated site (see for more information). The Clear Selection icon is used to clear the measurement lines from the map.

If you click the Return Decimal Degrees icon and then click on any location on the map, a window will open showing the longitude (X) and latitude (Y) of the location in decimal degrees. Clicking the Print icon generates a printable version of the map in its current view. The rest of the icons are used to zoom in and out and to move the location of the map. Clicking the Pan icon (the hand) allows you to “grab and drag” the map to adjust the location.

Broward County has many additional interactive maps available at These maps include census information, maps and photos of the Broward Artificial Reef program, an Air Photo Browser, and the Permit Information System map, which provides information about well field protection zones, wetlands, landfills, and many other categories.


***Program Type:

FDEP: State Petroleum Cleanup Program

DRY-CLEAN: State Dry Cleaning Solvent Cleanup Program

NF: Non Funded (Broward County Licensing Program or FDEP led sites)

USEPA: Superfund site

PCR: Site has been closed with restrictions

If you need additional information regarding the Broward County EAR Licensing Program or the State Petroleum Cleanup Program, please call the Department's Environmental Assessment and Remediation Section at 954-519-1249.

If you need information regarding non-funded cleanups where the FDEP is the lead agency, please call DEP's Southeast District Office at 561-681-6600.

For information regarding EPA sites, please contact EPA's Region IV at 404-562-9900.

NOTICE: The information contained in this report has been assembled from documentation received by the Broward County Environmental Engineering and Permitting Division. Parties engaged in financial, legal, or other type of transactions concerning a property are advised to seek confirmation of any relevant material appearing in this report.

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