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Bus Routes

​​​​Due to COVID-19, Express buses now operate on 30-minute schedules.

Due to low ridership, BCT has suspended service on 75 Express Route 115 until further notice. Click here for more information.

Express Bus Service provides free commuter park and ride locations, and travel along the major interstate highways to Miami-Dade County on weekdays during morning and afternoon peak travel hours.

95 Express​ ​
PDF Schedule

95 Express Miramar (Route 106)
Miramar Regional Park to Miami Civic Center
Miramar Regional Park Park & Ride Map


​95 Express Pembroke Pines (Route 108)
North Perry Airport to Miami Civic Center
North Perry Airport Park & Ride Map


​95 Express Pembroke Pines/Miramar (Route 109)
CB Smith Park/Ansin Sports Complex to Downtown Miami
Ansin Sports Complex Park & Ride Map
95 Express Miami-Dade Transit


595 Express ​ ​
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​​595 Express (Route 110)
BB&T​ Center to Miami/Brickell


​595 Express (Route 114)​
BB&T Center to Miami Civic Center


Breeze Service ​ ​

US 1 Breeze (Route 101), University Breeze (Route 102) and Broward Breeze (Route 122) limited stop service has been suspended temporarily.

The Breeze service has limited stops along the route at major intersections only, on weekdays during morning and afternoon peak travel hours.​

PDF Schedule

​​441 Breeze(Route 441)
Golden Glades Park and Ride to Turtle Creek Drive via US 441


​​Fixed-Ro​ute R​egul​ar Service ​ ​ ​ ​ ​

Due to COVID-19, BCT is operating a modified schedule.

Fixed routes provide connections to our community’s multimodal transportation network, as well as system wide connections at our four transfer terminals.​ ​ ​ ​ ​

PDF Schedule
​Route 1 Full Week
Route 2Full Week
​Route 4 Full Week
​Route 5 Full Week
​Route 6Full Week
​Route 7 Full Week
​Route 8 Full Week
​Route 9 Full Week
​Route 10Full Week
​Route 11 Full Week
​​Route 12Full Week
​​Route 14Full Week
​​Route 15Full Week
​​Route 16 Full Week
​​Route 18 ​Full Week
​​Route 19Full Week
​​Route 20Full Week
​​​Route 22Full Week
​​​Route 23 Full Week
​​​Route 28Full Week
​​​Route 30 Full Week
​​​Route 31 Full Week
​Route 34Full Week
​Route 36Full Week
​Route 40Full Week
​Route 42Full Week
​Route 48Full Week
​Route 50Full Week
​Route 55Full Week
​Route 56  Full Week
​Route 60Full Week
​Route 62 Full Week
​Route 72Full Week
​Route 81Full Week
​Route 83Full Week
​Route 88 Full Week

General Information

A lower case "a" after a time denotes morning hours and a lower case "p" after a time denotes afternoon and evening hours. The letter "G" next to a time indicates the bus returns to the garage.

Printed Bus Route timetables and maps are available at the following locations:

  • Broward County libraries
  • Broward Central Bus Terminal
  • Northeast Transit Center
  • Broward County Governmental Center
  • Some Check Cashing Stores
  • BCT Administration Office complex
  • Our Rider Info line at 954-357-8400
  • Hearing-speech impaired: Florida Relay Service - 711 or 1-800-955-8771
  • TTY- 954-357-8302 (teletype machine required)​

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