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Bus Routes

Due to COVID-19, Express buses now operate on 30-minute schedules.
Limited stop (the “Breeze”) service has been suspended temporarily.

Express Bus Service provides free commuter park and ride locations, and travel along the major interstate highways to Miami-Dade County on weekdays during morning and afternoon peak travel hours.

75 Express​ ​
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​​75 Express (Route 115)
BB&T​ Center to Miami Airport Station

NOTICE: Due to low ridership, BCT is suspending service on 75 Express Route 115 until further notice. 
The last day of service will be Friday, August 21, 2020.

95 Express​ ​
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95 Express Miramar (Route 106)
Miramar Regional Park to Miami Civic Center
Miramar Regional Park Park & Ride Map



​95 Express Pembroke Pines (Route 108)
North Perry Airport to Miami Civic Center
North Perry Airport Park & Ride Map



​95 Express Pembroke Pines/Miramar (Route 109)
CB Smith Park/Ansin Sports Complex to Downtown Miami
Ansin Sports Complex Park & Ride Map
95 Express Miami-Dade Transit



595 Express ​ ​
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​​595 Express (Route 110)
BB&T​ Center to Miami/Brickell



​595 Express (Route 114)​
BB&T Center to Miami Civic Center



​​Fixed-Ro​ute R​egul​ar Service ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
Due to COVID-19, BCT is operating a Saturday schedule daily, Monday through Saturday.​

Sunday schedules remain the same. 
Fixed routes provide connections to our community’s multimodal transportation network, as well as system wide connections at our four transfer terminals.​ ​ ​ ​ ​
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​Route 1 ​Schedule Full Week
Route 2 ​​ScheduleFull Week
​Route 4 ​​Schedule Full Week
​Route 5​​Schedule Full Week
​Route 6 ​​ScheduleFull Week
​Route 7​​Schedule Full Week
​Route 8​​Schedule Full Week
​Route 9​​Schedule Full Week
​Route 10 ​​ScheduleFull Week
​Route 11 ​​Schedule Full Week
​​Route 12 Schedule
Full Week
​​Route 14​​​Schedule​Full Week
​​Route 15 Schedule
Full Week
​​Route 16 Schedule
Full Week
​​Route 18​​​Schedule ​Full Week
​​Route 19​​​Schedule​Full Week
​​Route 20​​​ScheduleFull Week
​​​Route 22 Schedule
Full Week
​​​Route 23​​​Schedule Full Week
​​​Route 28​​​ScheduleFull Week
​​​Route 30 Schedule
Full Week
​​​Route 31 Schedule
Full Week
​Route 34​​​ScheduleFull Week
​Route 36​​​ScheduleFull Week
​Route 40​​​ScheduleFull Week
​Route 42​​​ScheduleFull Week
​Route 48 Schedule
Full Week
​Route 50 Schedule
Full Week
​Route 55 Schedule
Full Week
​Route 56 Shuttle Schedule
Full Week
​Route 60​​​ScheduleFull Week
​Route 62 Schedule
Full Week
​Route 72​​​ScheduleFull Week
​Route 81​​​ScheduleFull Week
​Route 83​​​ScheduleFull Week
​Route 88​​​Schedule Full Week

General Information

 A lower case "a" after a time denotes morning hours and a lower case "p" after a time denotes afternoon hours. The letter "G" next to a time indicates the bus returns to the garage.

For those using a "Reader," it may be necessary to change the options on your reader to allow it to interpret the following abbreviations: St. as Street, Hwy. as Highway, Dr. as Drive, Rd. as Road, Ave. as Avenue, Pkwy. as Parkway, Blvd. as Boulevard.

To view a PDF of a route’s schedule with map click on “Full Week.” To view just the schedule in html format click on "Schedule."

Printed Bus Route timetables and maps are available at the following locations:
  • Broward County libraries
  • Broward Central Bus Terminal
  • Northeast Transit Center
  • Broward County Governmental Center
  • Some Check Cashing Stores
  • BCT Administration Office complex
  • Our Rider Info line at 954-357-8400
  • Hearing-speech impaired: Florida Relay Service - 711 or 1-800-955-8771
  • TTY- 954-357-8302 (teletype machine required)​

Required Plug-ins: PDF Adobe® Reader® ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​