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Environmental Protection and Growth Management

Broward CountyEnvironmental Protection and Growth Management
Environmental Protection & Growth Mgmt.

​What We Do

The Environmental Protection and Growth Management Department was created in 2008 when Broward County merged its urban redevelopment and planning functions with those of environmental protection, emergency management and consumer protection. The consolidation created a combined pool of talent and resources that will enable Broward County to address the issues and opportunities of our community with efficiency, creativity and innovation.

Resilience Dashboard

View our interactive and informative ​Broward County Resilience Dashboard which reports the current environmental conditions and Broward County's Resilience projects. Click the below image or this link: to get engaged​. 



The Environmental Protection and Growth Management Department's mission is to safeguard lives, natural resources and property of residents and visitors by providing for natural resource planning, management and protection, planning for appropriate land use/housing patterns and establishing an incident command system and emergency operations plans, enforcing environmental, development and construction regulations and providing for consumer protection. Our business plan addresses the issues and challenges of our current environment, including: changes in demographics and the economy, the potential for natural disasters, increasing use of the internet for retail purchases of goods and services, concerns about land availability, lack of affordable housing and an increase in housing prices, continued violation of environmental laws, and limited financial resources.​​

Reporting​ Divisions

The Environment Protection and Growth Management Department manages (7) seven divisions which include many programs, projects, boards and committees. The divisions interface regularly with other local, state and/or federal jurisdictions to ensure timely implementation of the County's strategic plan for public protection, construction of public infrastructure, natural habitat enhancement and protection, effective legislation and support of the Board of County Commission vision and goals.​​

The Animal Care and Adoption Division is key to promote responsible pet ownership and community safety, reunite the lost, rescue the neglected, increase adoptions, and reduce pet overpopulation through innovative programs and services.​ Programs include the Foster Care Program, SNIP Program, the Community Cat Management Program, and Volunteer Programs . This division plays a key role in the well being of dogs and cats with the public.

The Building Code Service Division regulated construction in unincorporated Broward County and also cities we contract with conform to the Florida Building Code and all other laws, ordinances, resolutions and regulations regarding construction, code enforcement, unsafe structure/minimum housing regulations, and elevator safety. Mandates in Chapter 399 of the Florida State Statutes regarding elevator safety are monitored and strictly enforced. Regulation of all trades and occupations associated with the installation, repair, alteration, design or modification of electrical, plumbing, liquefied petroleum gas, mechanical systems, building construction industry; and engineered construction, as mandated by the Florida Statutes and Chapter 9 of the Broward County Code of Ordinances.​

Environmental and Consumer Protection Division

The Environmental and Consumer Protection Division are the advocates for the public. They provide information on child care licensing, environmental issues, disability assistance, auto repair, hazardous materials, movers, taxicabs, illegal towing and vehicles for hire. Learn about the Consumer Bill of Rights and how to file a consumer complaint.​ Ensures the welfare of children with assistance with Childcare Facility Licensing & Regulation Enforcement. Provides enforcement with compliance to Environmental & Consumer Protection Regulations.​ Have a complaint?

Environmental Engineering and Permitting Division

The Environmental Engineering and Permitting Division protects public health, safety, and welfare by administering and enforcing rules, policies and ordinances affecting air, water, aquatic, wetland and tree resources of Broward County and restoration of the environment. 

Environmental Planning and Community Resilience Division

The Environmental Planning and Community Resilience Division is to protect, restore, and enhance, for the benefit of Broward County residents, visitors and ecosystems, the quality, abundance and diversity of the County’s natural resources through coordinated management efforts, including research, planning, monitoring, project implementation, and outreach activities. The division works closely with Water Resources, the NatureScape project, Sea Turtles, Manatees, Mooring Buoy Program and the King Tide monitoring. Sponsored outreach events include Water Matters Day.

Housing Finance and Community Redevelopment Division

The Housing Finance and Community Redevelopment Division is responsible for administering the housing programs of both the Housing Finance Authority of Broward County, Florida, and the Broward County Commission. Developer programs provide qualified developers with direct financial assistance for the acquisition and purchase of vacant land or structures designated to be developed into affordable housing for the Broward County residents.​ Home Buyer programs are to assist first time home buyers and assist in second mortgages.

Planning and Development Management Division

The Planning and Development Management Division provides countywide planning, development management and GIS services. The division also provides information on BrowardNEXT, Census 2020, Transportation Planning and Historic Preservation. It also provide zoning and code enforcement services for businesses and residents in the Broward Municipal Services District (BMSD).​